Breaking News: Celebrities Are Just Like Us! They're Horrible Parents Too!

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This is the Idiot News Network where idiots aren't just in the news, they report the news! For Monday, October 25th, 2021:

  • Jubal Fresh reported on celebrities being just like us! They get coffee, they go to the gym and they're horrible parents too. Disney Channel star Alexa Pena Vega went live on Instagram revealing she accidently slammed the bathroom door and severed her 2-year old sons finger! Read more about Alexa Pena Vega's accident and her families recovery HERE.
  • Alex Fresh reported from the Saturday Night Live studios on Will & Grace star Debra Messing shading Kim Kardashian for hosting SNL. She tweeted, "Why Kim Kardashian? I mean, I know she is a cultural icon, but SNL has hosts, generally, who are performers who are there to promote a film, TV show, or album launch. Am I missing something?" She went on to tweet, "I'm just trying to understand," Read more about the Saturday Night Live controversy and how Kim Kardashian actually performed HERE.
  • Executive Producer Brad Nolan reports from London where a tattoo artist named Jason Burns checked into the hospital after receiving third-degree burns while retouching a customer's butt tattoo. He was smoking a cigarette when the customer passed gas igniting his cigarette and entire beard. "Honestly, this is the first time I've found the 'silent and deadly' thing to be true," he explained. Read more about this hilarious, one-in-a-lifetime accident HERE.

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