Spider-Man: No Way Home, Breaking Records!

The trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home was FINALLY released. Literally been waiting for years. It has not been years but it feels like it has. Thankfully, the trailer did not disappoint.

The obviously amazing part of the trailer was when the Green Goblin's pumpkin bomb showed up accompanied by the classic sinister Green Goblin laugh. Then, Doctor Octopus said, "Hello Peter." That sent chills through my whole body. Mainly because this movie is a trip into the Spider-Verse. This Doctor Octopus is played by Alfred Molina who also played the character in Spider-Man 2.

The trailer has actually shattered records and blown competitors out the water. In 24 hours the trailer racked up over 355.5 million views across all online platforms on the day it dropped. That is insane!

You can go check out the trailer here and as always you can follow me @evanontheradio on Instagram!

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