Kentucky's Most Unusual Restaurant Is An Out-Of-The-Ordinary Experience

Empty prison cell

Photo: Getty Images

People love restaurants for a myriad of reasons, beyond the simple act of satisfying hunger. Restaurants offer multi-sensory experiences that engage not only taste buds but also sight, smell and ambiance.

Love Food has gathered a list of the strangest restaurant concepts in every state that residents should experience at least one time in their lives:

"Food, ambience, great service... washing machines? The latter might not be what people typically look for, or expect, when deciding where to eat, but a meal at a laundromat-themed eatery is just one of the many unusual dining experiences you can have in the USA. If you're after a joint that offers a sideshow with your supper or some quirky decor with your dessert, we've scoped out the places that should be on your radar – from a restaurant where diners can watch mermaids swim to spots inside old train carriages."

Jailhouse Pizza in Brandenburg is Kentucky's most unusual eatery:

"If you've ever wondered what a meal in prison would be like, head to Jailhouse Pizza for a meal behind the bars of the old Meade County Jail. The jail was built in 1906 and has seen its fair share of crooks and villains throughout the years. Black-and-white photos of the old days adorn the walls, and the building is said to be haunted by some of its former inmates – but don't let that put you off! Customers say the pizzas are quick, delicious, and always hot."

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