Small Family Run Restaurant Serves The Best Chinese Food In All Of Kentucky

Chinese special fried rice takeaway food

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The popularity of Chinese food transcends borders, making it a global culinary sensation, even here in the U.S. With its diverse assortment of flavors, innovative cooking techniques and regional specialties, Chinese cuisine has become a go-to choice for many.

Love Food went to work, determining the best Chinese restaurant in every U.S. state:

“The US has some incredible Chinese restaurants, from longstanding Chinatown mainstays serving roast duck and chop suey to popular dim sum spots. There’s so much good food, in fact, that picking the best place to eat can be as overwhelming as deciding what to order. We’ve done the hard work for you and sought out the most highly rated Chinese restaurant in every state and Washington DC, from sleek modern spots to family-run favorites.”

Oriental Wok in Fort Mitchell is considered the number one Chinese eatery in Kentucky. Here are the reasons why:

“Oriental Wok is a local institution in Fort Mitchell. It was opened in 1977 by Mike Wong, who still runs the business with his family. The orange chicken is said to be phenomenal, and the egg rolls excellent. General Wong’s Chicken is a favorite with diners thanks to its tender meat and beautifully balanced sweet and spicy sauce, while the service also gets a big thumbs up. There’s a second location in Hyde Park, Ohio.”

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