Meghan Markle's Mom Doria Ragland Is The Only Person The Duchess Trusts

Preparations for Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan

Preparations for Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan

There's no doubt it's been a difficult summer for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Not only did they become new parents, which is an adjustment for anybody, they also dealt with a series of royal scandals. The environmental activists were called hypocritical for using private jets for four different flights in August. The backlash only intensified after Prince William and Kate Middleton were spotted flying on a budget airline with their three children shorty after. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also caught flak for keeping baby Archie's christening and the names of his godparents private. Oh, and Meghan was criticized for asking people not to take photos of her when she attended Wimbledon in a private capacity earlier this summer. All these scandals reportedly resulted in Queen Elizabeth banning any mention of Harry and Meghan in polite conversation. Yikes!

According to The Daily Mail, Harry and Meghan have "isolated" themselves from their royal staff after the backlash. The series of PR blunders has left them unsure who to trust and, ultimately, unsure who has their best interests at heart. There is one person, though, who the Sussexes still rely on amidst all the drama and it's not a member of their staff or the royal family. It's Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland.

A source told The Mail: “People think Doria is hippy-dippy and chilled out because she’s a yoga instructor, but, like any mother, she’s hard as nails when it comes to protecting her daughter." Not only does Meghan rely on her mother during difficult times, Harry does, as well. Doria has become one of the Duke's closest confidantes over the past few years. “Harry adores Doria and thinks she’s incredibly wise. These days, the Sussexes trust very, very few people even in their own respective families.

While Harry and Meghan have always turned to Doria for advice, The Mail claims Doria is “well on the way to becoming Meghan’s only trusted adviser" amidst their tumultuous public life. "Doria is one of the last family members either of them can turn to, and consequently she’s extremely influential in their lives," the source continued. Though reports of a feud between the Sussexes and Cambridges have died down recently, the rift between Harry and William reportedly left the brothers less close than they were before.

Hopefully, affairs behind the scenes of the palace aren't as dire as sources make. If they are, though, at least Meghan and Harry have Doria to lean on during difficult times.

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