Ed Sheeran is about to drop new music and we're FREAKING out!

Ed Sheeran is taking a page from Taylor Swift's book in the cryptic song releases!

Our beloved ginger has been teasing fans non-stop with the potential collaborations that are featured on this album! His latest release has not one, BUT TWO! Artists that fans just cant seem to figure out!


Here's my theory on who I think it is!

While most people think Taylor Swift is on this track, it's pretty clear that her name just doesn't fit the length of scribbled out letters.

To me, it looks like the first letter is a "C" with the last letter ending in an "R"

My guess for the first line is obviously Chance the Rapper!

A few days ago, Ed Sheeran posted a photo wearing a hat with the number "3" on it which is Chance the Rappers iconic symbol!

The second clue we have for this potential collab is on the hat as well!

"P + Bee + Rock" this leads me to believe we may be seeing PnB Rock jumping on this track, too!

though some people have mentioned a Cameo from Beyonce is possible, I don't think anyone would be mad to see that happen again!


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