Sometimes feelings are hard to understand.

Lauren Herschel took to twitter last Christmas after having a run-in with an elderly woman that reminded her of her late grandmother.

Herschel explained how her doctor taught her about "The Ball and The Box" analogy.

She broke it down in her twitter feed and I've never understood anything so clearly that was once impossible to understand. Sometimes you just need to see these things.


She goes on to explain how the ball and the box have a pain button off to the side.

When the grieving process begins, the ball is incredibly large. It's constantly pushing on the red pain button, forcing you to feel the pain of what or who you are grieving about.

As time passes, the ball begins to shrink, which allows for it to bump into the pain button less often.

Her tweets have gone viral with incredible replies about how her story has helped so many others.

Maybe this blog will help someone else see it that needs it.



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