Wall of Love

When the temperature drops below freezing, all anyone ever wants to do is snuggle up in their warm, cozy bed and binge watch the endless episodes of their favorite shows.

Sadly, not everyone has the luxury to do that. Not everyone has a home or a bed or proper clothing to help them stay warm during this time of year.

Holly Jackson, from Cleveland, Ohio recognized that need within her community and started the Wall of Love. People are encouraged to take what they need or leave what they can.

Jackson's story is incredibly inspiring and is the definition of what love is! Her story has inspired us at iHeartRadio to step up and start a wall of love in our own community! I challenge you to help us, spare what you can, spread the word or just show love to someone who looks like they could use it!

Wanna join us? Message us on Facebook or Instagram @1005KISSFM for more info!


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