Conversation Hearts gone forever?

Was anyone else heartbroken when NECCO announced they were closing their doors last July? As odd as it may sound, NECCO wafers were among my top 10 favorite candies. They took me back to my childhood vacations. My dad would wait for my mom and sister to fall asleep, stop at a gas station and we'd share an ice cold Crush out of the glass bottle and a sleeve of NECCO Wafers! it was my favorite part about family vacations!

Fast forward to today, in 2018, the best selling candy for Valentine's day was, infact, NECCO's Conversation hearts, unfortunately it just wasn't enough to keep NECCO's doors open. While America is saddened to see the shortage of the complimentary treats, it looks like we may have a knight in sugary honor after all!

BRACH'S has stepped in saying they've got enough of the tasty heart shaped treats to go around! VALENTINE'S DAY IS SAVED!!

BRACH'S has been cranking out these sweet little morsels since 1960 and they said there is no plan on stopping any time soon! They've also stated that their Conversation Hearts will be more than available at all mass retailers!

This makes my heart SO happy! I mean, who doesn't love a happy ending?


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