I just bought my very first home and I couldn't be more excited to host a Christmas themed housewarming party! I've been working with Kelly, they brilliant interior designer from Schmitt on how to make my house my home and she;s been nothing short of amazing!
I'm moving from a 650 square foot apartment to a 1,500 square foot house. Needless to say, I need a lot of help in the furniture department! 


First things first, THIS IS THE TABLE I FELL IN LOVE WITH! It has bench seating with cozy chairs that will make even your 2nd cousins - brothers-uncle feel like they're home!
Picture this beautiful table from Schmitt Furniture with a burlap table runner down the center topped with clear vases full of cranberries! HOW FREAKING CUTE WOULD THAT BE?! 

Moving on!
The living room! The couch is the most important piece in the living room! It's cozy, comfy and the most used item in the place! Right?! HAVE YOU SEEN THE FLEXSTEEL COUCHES AT SCHMITT?! First of all, Schmitt has the ONLY Flexsteel gallery within 50 miles! They're BEAUTIFUL! Lots of colors, fabrics and customize-able styles that you can choose from! You've heard me talk about my couch non-stop! Its PERFECTION! Also, Basil Hayden has claimed the ottoman as her own....I cannot get it back hahahaha!  

Picture cute little red and green plaid pillows on the corner of your brand new, comfy, cozy couch! They're SO affordable. As a 20 something just getting started out I was blown away by how easy financing was! Schmitt even offers FREE delivery within 50 miles of the store! How nice is that?!


What about the entertainment center? The Bar? The fireplaces?! EVEN THE BEDDING?! Don't worry! Schmitt has ALL  of that, too! Christmas can throw up garland and pine needles all over your beautiful oak cabinets! (At least, that's how it looks in my house! Pictures coming soon! ;) )

I've been on Pinterest for far too long today! Moral of the story! 


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