America's Self-Made BILLIONAIRES?!


The Kardashian Klan is definitely an impressive one. But it appears that the youngest of the bunch has been the most successful. After creating Kylie Cosmetics in 2016, she has earned over 630 million in revenue, she is also the sole owner of the Kylie Cosmetics Empire. Add that to her social media empire and she's worth about 900 million dollars!

Jenner revealed in an interview that growing up she would regularly turn to makeup to help her feel more confident. (Let's be honest, we ALL feel a little more confident with even the smallest amount of makeup on.) She said she was struggling to find something she could do on her own to branch out from the shadow of her popular siblings. Kylie said she plans to work on Kylie Cosmetics forever, but would one day consider handing the business over to her daughter, Stormi one day. "If she's into it."  Uhhhh...If she's not...could you like...adopt me?

Kylie is the Youngest Woman to ever be featured on Forbes "Richest Self-Made Women in America" list. She is accompanied by Oprah, Madonna, Tory Burch and Taylor Swift! 


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