Homecoming to Remember

It's hard to imagine what families of active duty military members go through on a daily basis. ESPECIALLY when those family members are deployed. 

Their world has to keep spinning even though it feels like everything has stopped. EVERYTHING has to be planned out to a T just to keep the day to day going. 

My family has an insanely long line of military men and women, most of which were all fighting for our country for most of their young adult life. My great, great Uncle was a medal of honor recipient, my grandfather fought in Vietnam, the list goes on forever. 

I started dating someone who is apart of the Kentucky Air National Guard. Through him, I've had the opportunity to meet many of the men and women he works with and have made some pretty INCREDIBLE friendships with all of them. Those friendships got a lot stronger in January of 2018 when I witnessed dozens of those friends leave for a 6 month deployment. I watched their families hug them for what felt like forever before they left to board their flights. My heart hurts just thinking about it. 

Since then, I made it my mission to give back to those families. We do regular dinners, drinks with friends, girls nights and so much more! Keeping each other busy is the best way to get through any hard time. But I noticed something. I noticed that most of the time, your community comes to support you when your loved one first deploys...a few months go by...and you're alone again. These families ALWAYS need support, love and the occasional glass of wine ;)

This is how Homecoming to Remember was born! In an effort to say "Thank you" to the brave men and women currently fighting for our country and to their families for supporting them every single step of the way; We decided to send them on a vacation they will never forget! Thanks to Holiday Inn Resort Panama City Beach and Epic Records, we are able to make that happen! This is where YOU come in! 

Nominate your favorite currently deployed military family RIGHT NOW at Kisslouisville.com, its simple! Just share their deployment story with us and you're done! That family is officially entered to win! We will call the winner on July 5th! 


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