McDonald's could cure baldness?!

McDonald's French Fries are among the top 10 best things you've ever tasted....But now they could be one of the best things to help cure baldness?! WHAT!

Apparently researchers in Japan discovered that the chemical (dimethylpolysiloxane ) McDonald's uses to  control foaming in the oil they fry their foods in, INCLUDING THEIR GOLDEN STICKS OF DELICIOUSNESS!! Has also been used to grow hair follicles on the backs of nude mice.

Now....There are two ways to look at this...

One: McDonald's uses chemicals that can grow hair on mice....(Does that mean our insides will become fuzzy if we eat too many of them? IS THERE SUCH THING AS EATING TOO MANY FRENCH FRIES?!) 

Two: McDonald's is just trying to help the hungry and the bald people of the world. 

I choose to believe option two. It seems like the most logical assumption. 



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