9 Over-The-Top Streets That Take Christmas To The Next Level

Many people take Christmas decorating very seriously. Whether it's planning the Christmas theme for their tree and indoor decor to match, or collecting thousands of lights for their outside display, this festive time of year can really bring people together.

In Britain they have a battle for the most festive street, and there's £10,000 up for grabs. You you better bet they are going all out, and I have to admit, we're impressed!

Here are some of the neighborhoods that are competing this year! It looks like the competition will be tough for sure.

Trinity Close, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset

Transforming this cul-de-sac starts in October and involves more than 100,000 LED bulbs, dozens of lit up reindeer and snowmen, sparkling Santas, and the local police force.

Nick and Hazel Gardner, and their neighbors Chris Woodberry and his late wife Christine, entered into a bit of a competitive festive decorating in the late 90s.

Each year the displays became bigger and before they knew it, their other neighbors had caught the festive bug. Lights were then sponsored by a professional firm and stay on daily from 4:30-10PM until January 6.

Police now supervise parking and the display has been raising money for local charities.

Stone Brig Lane, Rothwell, West Yorkshire

What started as something special for three neighbors' young children, blossomed into a mass annual display of community spirit.

In a tradition that began 7 years ago, Karen Brown and her husband Chris decorated the outside of their house for the 11-year-old son, Adam and six-year-old daughter, Hannah.

"It was a few lights and a tree," said Karen. "Then about five years ago we invited the whole street."

Now, a street that takes about five minutes to drive the entire length, has dozens of houses that have joined in on the decor.

Byron Road, New Milton, Hampshire

While many people get excited for the holidays, no one's face lights up more than retired builder, Ged Hollyoake. 13 years ago, he lit up the front of his home and then neighbors began to join in. This started a tradition in the neighborhood where they leave the lights on until 11 PM on January 2.

The neighborbood has also received a glowing reputation by raising money for charity and was even featured in a Cadbury internet advertisement.

Hove, East Sussex

Starting his planning in January, Michael Farnes spends months planning his theme for the next year. In October, he starts to put his display together, which takes approximately 50 hours over the course of a month.

The latest display features more than 60 Santa Claus figures and snowmen, eight Christmas trees, a sleigh and a wishing well. They of course have festive music playing on loop for the visitors that want to pass by and take a look at the "Christmas house."

So where are the most over-the-top lights in America?

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