Squid Game!

Peer pressure is a wonderful thing. There have been so many articles, posts on social media and friends pressuring me to watch Squid Game. I am so glad I finally did.

It was amazing. I watched the whole season in two days and watched in Korean with English subtitles. Apparently this is the best option. If you watch the dubbed version a lot of details are supposedly lost in the translation.

I hate spoiling shows or movies for people so I will play my cards close to the chest. The Squid Games allow people who are down on their luck to compete in 6 individual games for money. 456 players are assembled and only one can win. There are a few rules that allow the games to stop, however, the contestants are playing for so much money that it would be stupid not to compete. Things take a turn when the contestants who are eliminated, are killed.

I HIGHLY recommend you watch Squid Game and let me know what you think @evanontheradio on Instagram.

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