The Hottest Toys for 2021 (and How to Handle the Supply Chain Issue)

There's a serious supply chain issue this holiday season and experts are warning that if you (or Santa) wait until after Thanksgiving to buy gifts for your kids, you may not find them!

Ryan Seacrest shared on-air these are a few of the hot ticket items this year:

SKYROCKET MOJI: It’s a robot dog! A Labradoodle named Moji. It has 150 different reactions to kids’ voices and touch and even has a smart collar to let you know what it’s feeling.

THE PAW PATROL ULTIMATE TRANSFORMING TOWER: It’s featured in the movie so it will definitely sell out. It’s 3 feet tall and comes with 6 pups!

MAGIC MIXIES MAGICAL MISTING CAULDRON: It’s actually already sold out a lot of places. Eek! It comes with powders and potions that bubble, change color, and steam when mixed in the cauldron with water. You also get a magic wand to perform a series of magic spells that culminate in the appearance of your very own Mixie (a plush creature that lights up and reacts to different commands).

What toys are your kids asking for this year??

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