Stay Away From These Halloween Candies If You’re Concerned for Teeth

If you are concerned about your teeth, there are a few candies you'll want to stay away from this Halloween. Ryan Seacrest shared on-air in today's hack there are a few sweets that are especially bad for your chomps:

GUMMI ANYTHING: You chew it longer so the sugar is in contact with your teeth longer and it gets stuck in there.

STARBURST: Sadly, they are sugar bombs that hang out in hard-to-reach crevices and pull at crowns and fillings...

LOLLIPOPS: They don’t stick to your teeth, but the prolonged acidity can wear down the enamel.

So, what's your safest bet?

Stick with chocolate! It’s eaten quickly and dissolves fast. Or, and this might surprise you, caramel apples. The apple counteracts the caramel and counteracts the stickiness.

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