Tanya Rad Explains Her ‘Future 15’ Journaling Approach

Tanya Rad shared with a listener you can easily join her daily "Future 15" journaling — and you don't even have to journal!

The whole point is to set aside 15 minutes a day to invest in your future self. Take 15 minutes to reflect on whatever you're feeling in the moment, want to manifest or work towards.

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

"The cool thing about it is you can do whatever you want," Tanya shared. "So someday I write about where I see myself in 10 years or traditions I want to do for holidays, it can be anything you’re thinking of that day. ... You can ready make it whatever you want."

Watch back the on-air moment in the video above to learn more about Tanya's "Future 15" journaling and for more from the team.