#Hollywood- Ariana Grande Wrote different versions of Thank U, Next.

Ariana Grande revealed that she has alternate versions of "Thank U, Next."

One version has no names in the first verse. It addressed media speculation of her relationships saying she's too young or has too many boyfriends.

She also wasn't sure if she and Pete Davidson would get back together so she recorded alternate lyrics just in case.

So there is a version where she is getting married, There’s a version which we know she isn’t getting married and there’s a version where she doesn’t name anyone.

Drake's "Grammy" acceptance speech got cut off right after he told the crowd that they don't NEED Grammys to be winners. 

A representative for the show said there was a, quote, "natural pause" in Drake's speech, which led producers to think he was finished. So they went to commercial.

The rep said they offered to let Drake go back out and finish his thoughts, but he told them he was happy with what he said and didn't have anything to add. 

Read that full statement HERE

After Cardi B won Best Rap Album at the "Grammys" , someone sent her flowers with a note that had Tom Petty lyrics and under the lyric was Tom Petty’s name, giving him credit for the line.

But Cardi thought the flowers came from Tom Petty himself, because she posted an Instagram video Thanking him for the flowers. Tom Petty Died in 2017.

Chrissy Teigen has an embarrassing story that she claims she'll never allow to be told while she's alive. It's so embarrassing her husband, John Legend, doesn't even know!

The Chainsmoker's announced they're going on tour WITH 5 SOS!

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