Things To Give Up For Lent!!

Jessica wants me to give up breakfast cereals for Lent, uh don't think so! lol If you're having problems (LIKE ME LOL) deciding what to give up for Lent here's a few ideas that could help out. Not gonna lie, the hot showers one might be one to cross off the list!

1. Target

Actually, quite a few people mentioned this one. I think it’s because Target is a happy place for many. The aesthetic, the layout, the whole vibe. A few people mentioned that they banished themselves to other stores with a more penitential vibe until Easter.

2. Hot Showers

Not for the faint of heart, this is a form of mortification that is sure to wake you the heck up. Just don't give up bathing all together!

3. Coffee

When I tried this one Lent my spiritual director reminded me that my penance wasn’t supposed to cause suffering for others. Still, it might work for you. This might be a difficult one for most, ESPECIALLY on Mondays! Still, it might work for you.

4. Cream and sugar

So maybe giving up coffee sounds like a bit much, but what about drinking it black?

5. Condiments

Say goodbye to ketchup, mustard, mayo, hot sauce, salt, pepper.

6. Social Media

Yup. You’ve thought about it and it isn’t a bad idea at all. Taking a break and cleansing from the electronic world isn't always a bad thing!

7. Netflix

Free up some time for other activities with your family or even try out one of the new reading platforms called … books. LOL

8. Diet Coke

I don’t get this, but an overwhelming number of people confess to being Diet Coke addicts and said that they gave it up during Lent.

9. The Snooze Button

Start your days during Lent with a heroic moment. When you hear your alarm the first time, get out of bed, turn it off, and start moving. You’d be surprised by how much you can actually get done in those groggy first minutes of the day. Give it a try.

10. Comfy Bedding or Even Your Bed

Cut down to one pillow, remove the comfy blanket or even commit to sleeping on the floor for Lent.

11. All Meat or Red Meat

Go meatless. Suppose to do this anyway are ya?! I mean fish ain't bad!

12. Makeup

Go all natural for Lent! Let your true beauty shine!!

13. Your Comfy Chair or Spot

Do you have a spot that you go to at night to veg? Try giving that up or finding a new spot!

14. The Water Fast

Several people described the practice of drinking only water during Lent. No soft drinks, no beer, no coffee. It’s not only an exercise in will power; it’s also a healthy choice.

15. Dock Your Phone

For many of us our phones have become a pretty tightly gripped attachment. For the season of Lent dock your phone in a remote place when you get home, or to work, so you can avoid scrolling and checking. In other words, treat your phone the way they used to treat stationary phones back in ancient times.

16. A Random Food Item that Would Only Make Sense to You

Many people give up a food item that makes sense in their world, but seems odd to everyone else; specific things like ranch dressing, pickles, Eggo waffles, or cheese. Maybe you have some quirky food item that would be a good fast?

17. Control of the Remote (Control)

For the season of Lent let others in your home pick what’s on. If what’s being watched is an issue in your situation, let go of your opinion until Easter. You might actually enjoy Paw Patrol, or Downtown Abbey, or whatever the other people in your home want to watch.

18. Alcohol

Get yourself some hot tea until Easter, or even give up some specific favorite drink. Some people got specific about beer, others wine, others went full teetotaler until Easter. 

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