I joined a gym...AND I DIDN'T DIE....yet

Is anyone else tired of seeing the "Get bikini body ready!" posts that are being posted by IMPOSSIBLY thin women who are already MORE THAN bikini body ready? Or is it just me?

If you've been following me for more than a few weeks, then you know that working out has been a struggle for the last few years. After my car accident (that resulted in my hip surgery) my body never really bounced back to where I was before everything happened.

I was a very active person. I ran the Tough Mudder, the Rugged Maniac and countless 5k's "just for fun"

After my hip surgery, I was told that I would never be able to run again...which was absolutely soul crushing to hear. I tried my best to find alternative solutions to working out, but nothing seemed to work. I even tried FREEZING MY FAT. Which.....did not result in the way I had hoped.

And then I discovered THIS PLACE!

Shred 415 in the Highlands! They're locally owned and operated by a kickass #GirlBoss named Kathleen Jones!

I know this looks intimidating and I'm not gonna lie...IT WAS! I wanted to walk out AT LEAST 3 different times. But! The instructor kept telling us "just a little bit longer! You can do this!" So I did! And I may or may not have cried when I left....Partly because I was in so much pain from the workout and partly because I was so damn proud of myself for sticking it out.

4 15 minute circuits that make you sweat your butt off plus a nice little cool down stretch at the end REALLY put into perspective what you're getting yourself into...but also how much better you feel walking out of the class knowing you just rocked that workout!

I've been pretty open with you about my struggles with weight, so now, I'm using you as my accountability buddy! Come work out with me! Or, just follow my attempt to get in shape for the next few months!



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