KFC Cancels Potato Wedges And People Aren’t Happy

In the fast food world, menu items come and go and sometimes, the ones that go are an old favorite. That’s the case with KFC, who recently stopped selling their signature potato wedges, leaving many fans disappointed. Instead of the beloved wedges, they’re going to be serving Secret Recipe Fries, and they may be good, but people aren’t happy about the change. Many of them took to Twitter to voice their complaints and call for KFC to bring the wedges back.

Some tweeted that they can get fries at any fast food place, one asked if they could start a petition to bring back wedges and one user called the new fries “legit terrible.” But some folks who gave the new fries a try actually had positive things to say, one tweeted, “okay KFC fries better than wedges. My bad.”

KFC gets it, saying, “We know there are wedge-lovers out there who may be disappointed,” but they add that the response to the Secret Recipe Fries has been “overwhelmingly positive.” And if you’re going to try their new chicken sandwich when it rolls out, you may want to give the new fries a try, too.

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