Chipotle Shares Official Secret Menu Hacks On TikTok

One of the best parts about ordering at Chipotle is that you can make small tweaks to your meal while they’re making it. And now the burrito chain is making it easier to get it the way you want it with a new app feature they call Complete Customization.

Among other things, the app lets users indicate “light, standard, or extra” on all ingredients by swiping right. And to show people how it works, Chipotle is turning to TikTok, where features videos of their new “TikTok Hack Menu” that shows us how to order DIY Nachos, The Extra Dip and Taco Salad.

Making the DIY Nachos will take a little more work on your part than when the person behind the glass at Chipotle does it for you, but it’s still easier than prepping and cooking all those ingredients yourself at home.

Check out all their hacks HERE

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