(G)I-DLE Tease Their Upcoming Project With Stunning iHeartLand Performance

(G)I-DLE kicked off the weekend by taking over iHeartLand in Fornite and on Roblox! On Friday, September 29th, the South Korean girl group hit the State Farm Park stage to perform some new songs from their forthcoming EP, Heat, which will mark the group's first English release.

For their first song, YUQI, Jeon So-yeon, Minnie, Cho Mi-yeon, and Yeh Shu Hua sang their most recent single "I Do." As the girls performed, fans in Fortnite showed off their best dance moves on State Farm Park's dance floor. After the show, they also had the chance to check out fun mini-games including obstacle courses, high-speed races, and more.

To conclude their performance, the group launched into a song from their previously released EP I Feel called "Queencard." After catching the show in iHeartLand on Roblox, fans stuck around to check out the new and improved iHeartLand in Roblox, iHeartLand: Radio Star Simulator where they gathered all the sound energy they could from sound fields around iHeartLand. They also collected and upgraded radios, completed quests to win rewards, and collected your very own radio pets. Drop into iHeartLand and collect a limited edition iHeart Light Stick by going to the main stage and collecting sound energy while you watch the concert.

Fans can experience (G)I-DLE in iHeartLand in Fortnite and on Roblox for two days only.

(G)I-DLE will be releasing their English debut Heat, on October 5th. In addition to "I Do," the project will also feature the song "Flip It" and three more tracks. Heat follows another EP, I Feel, which dropped earlier this year in May. The project featured six tracks including "Queencard" and "Allergy."

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