Jada Pinkett Smith Shows Off Her Booty In Funny Ad For Son's Water Company

Jada Pinkett Smith loves to troll her son!

For her latest Instagram stunt, the Red Table Talk show host made a hilarious spoof ad for Jaden's water company, Just Water, that showed her beachside as she poured water on herself, and hilariously exaggerated other random commercial poses.

"What's my secret?" Jada says at the beginning of the clip before she's heard whispering, "a seahorse gave me this."

"My secret is gathered from the whispers of a babbling brook," Jada continues as she's shown coming out of the water and showering outside while surrounded by JUST water bottles. "Why am I showering outside?"

"I don't do it for the trend. I don't do it because it's cool. I do it because it's life," she adds, "This line is a place holder."

"Sip my secret. Then sip it again," Jada instructs before letting out a satisfied "Ahhh."

"This shot is too close. This one is too far. There's my booty. Who's playing the violin? My neck. Here's me on my back," she says as the camera shows her in various settings.

Jada then concludes the hilarious video by saying, "Just Water."

The 48-year-old actress additionally captioned the Instagram post, "You’re welcome Jaden, the first one is free 🤣🤣🤣 Sip my secret✨💦." However, when Jada's husband Will Smith shared the ad on his page he wrote, "Y’all better NOT sip her secret."

Watch the hilarious video below!

Photo: Getty Images