Woman Captures Creepy Demon Voice In Hospital Video

With Halloween around the corner, it seems like things in the world are getting creepier and creepier, and that definitely is true for a mother in England. Her name is Katherine Lawrence and she recently headed to a hospital with her two-year-old daughter. They went in the wrong entrance and got lost in the long, dark hallways. As a fan of horror movies, Katherine decided to film the scene because it reminded her of the 2006 flick Silent Hill

She didn't think much of the footage she recorded until she played it back. That's when she heard what she describes as "creepy voice," and what others are calling a demon. She posted the video to Facebook explaining that when she filmed it, the hallway was quiet and empty. However, six seconds in, you can definitely hear... something. 

Katherine's friends commented on the video, saying things like, "I would be running out of there," and "That's too freaky," but others feel like they can understand what the eerie voice is saying. They think it says, "Pull the f***ing curtains." Others hear a voice whispering "Tell Me" just past the 25 second mark. 

One commenter cleaned up the audio in the clip so you can hear the voices even clearer:

Katherine says that there weren't any occupied rooms near her and swears that the hall she filmed in was silent. It seems like Halloween came early for her this year. 

Photo Credit: Getty