DIY or Buy?

My boyfriend has a pretty demanding job that pulls him away for several months at a time....So....To keep myself occupied, I've been looking up all kinds of DIY things to pass the time! THEN I started thinking....After all is said and done, would be really be cheaper to just purchase what I am making or did DIY save me money? 

Linked below are all of the items I plan on making over the next two months. (Yes, I have a craft budget in my bank account....Yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds.) 

First up! A table that I've been DYING to make. It's taken two years to collect enough bottle caps, but I think I finally have enough! Thanks to Pinterest, some other genius already made one and listed the items needed to create this beauty!

My dad randomly knew someone that was willing to give me the spool, so that eliminates the need for that little gem. It's the epoxy that is going to break my bank. I'll need AT LEAST a gallon....Which costs a pretty penny....or 6. 


Due to having an INSANELY crazy puppy, I had to mount my TV. Leaving my living room feeling pretty dang empty. I needed something cute to put under it to hide the cords and function as a table to hold my Apple TV (and other random clutter, obviously.) 

So I found this super cute bench on Facebook! But after pricing it, it would be close to $150....Would you make it or buy one? 


Annnnd lastly, this cute little guy! (or big guy...I haven't decided how big I want it to be yet.)

Pallet art has taken over the Pinterest world and I'm borderline obsessed with it! 

This one seems REALLY easy to make, but the plants seem REALLY easy to kill...What are your thoughts on it?


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