Music Crush Monday!


Meet AJR. A band full of brothers; Adam, Jack and Ryan...Hence AJR...Clever, right? ;)

The trio of bros subscribe to an "indie pop" label with a hint of dubstep with a little bit of pop thrown in the mix.  They're the kind of band that makes you want to get up and dance like no one is watching. It's physically impossible to listen to their music and not be happy!

The boys started writing and producing their own music in the living room of their apartment in Chelsea, New York (which is a suburb of Manhattan) 

AJR took off in the Spring of 2013 when they tweeted out their first song "I'm Ready" and tagged over 70 different artists to the song.  Sia got a hold of the song and immediately passed it along to the former president of Columbia Records, Steve Greenberg. I'd be willing to bet you've heard this song at least twice in your lifetime!  


You can catch these guys LIVE at Forecastle this summer! You can bet that I will be front and center at that show! 



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