Pop-Tarts is doing WHAT?!

posted by KD -

Can we just take a second to bless the creator of Pop-Tart Mash-ups? BECAUSE I WANT TO HUG THEM! I'm that 20 something that will eat Pop-Tarts FOR DAYS and not think twice about it.
Need to eat healthy? Grab a Strawberry Pop-Tart. Need something sweet? How about a S'Mores Pop-Tart? NOW THEY HAVE MIX AND MATCH?!

If you need me, you can find me in the breakfast aisle in Kroger.

Farewell Derby Body...I'll see you next year! ;) 

But wait, there’s more! Another brand new Pop Tart flavor makes one half of a debut with the Cheesecake side of this Pop Tarts Mash Ups due out later this spring. While it might not be quite as exciting as the Sugar Cookie + Brownie Batter flavor, this one is a more seamless pairing. I’m still erect.

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