It's Derby Time!!


Derby is less than a month a way! Have you got yourself together yet?! 

Have no fear, girl! That's why I'm here! 

Let me let you in on a little secret....Derby doesn't have to be expensive! SAY WHAT! 

I'm pretty sure I've not spent more than $100 on a single outfit for ANY red carpet in the last 5 years. How? You ask. 

Let me introduce you to my glam team! 

Meet General Eccentric!  They've been my best kept secret since I moved to Louisville! Stop by the corner of Bardstown rd and Bonnycastle on any given day and you'll be transported to boutique heaven! They've got everything from Fascinators and hats, cocktail dresses to red carpet ready gowns! They even have the accessories to match! Earrings, necklaces, shoes, handbags, you name it, they've got it! Even in the off season, they're the only boutique that I will shop at! You've got designer worthy clothing at a fraction of the cost! I'm obsessed....In fact, they'd probably tell you that I live there if you were to ask them! #noshame! 

Next, meet my hair and makeup HEROES from Neat Beat Salon. Words don't even do Terri and her team of glam squad ninjas justice. 

The best quote I've ever seen is "I have expensive habits and being blonde is one of them." If you feel gorgeous, your confidence will show and people will really start to notice. My hair has ALWAYS been a struggle. I battled anorexia as a teenager...It was so severe that I was hospitalized due to my stomach eating itself. As a result, I developed a chronic illness that caused my hair fall out and it ever really came back the way it should have. 

In comes my hair hero; Terri!  After a quick consult, I decided to take the leap and try out Cold Fusion Hair Extensions! Terri is known by many throughout the state of Kentucky for being the absolute BEST in the business! Which is why I will only trust my blonde locks to the best in the business! Being blonde is hard work, but she makes it look effortless! 

Once we get those extensions in and ready to roll (or style, I should say.) We meet Darcee! 

Darcee is a braiding MACHINE! She can LITERALLY re-create just about any look you throw at her. And she'll make it look better than the photo! This girl has a gift and she knows how to use it! Just look at this! All I have to do is text her a photo of what I want and it's done. Simple as that! Just wait until you see what shes going to do with my hair for Derby! 

Last but most certainly not least, meet Becca! My makeup magician! Becca has a way of making you go from looking like you just rolled out of bed and haven't slept for 16 years to fresh faced and ready to take on the scariest person in your entire office. Times 10. I told her I wanted big and bold and she turned it into dramatic and GORGEOUS! 

 The good news? ALL OF THE PEOPLE AND PLACES LISTED HAVE OPENINGS AND ARE READY FOR YOU TO CALL THEM! Just click on any of the links listed above and make your appointment! Heck, I'll go with you!  Brunch, Glam team and shopping? Let's make it a date.  



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