Honor Flight Bluegrass

Last September I accidentally stumbled upon an Honor Flight returning home while I was picking up a friend from the airport. It was one of the most humbling and heartwarming experiences I've ever had and it's one that I will appreciate for a lifetime. Most of my family has served in the military; my great, great uncle was a medal of honor and a purple heart recipient and my family has a history of being a Gold Star family thanks to World War 1. To say I am proud of my family's history would be a massive understatement. The coolest thing I ever found was a journal my great, great uncle left behind that was all written in German. It spoke about his life overseas, his family, the things he saw and the people he met. It was almost like he was right here, telling us all of his stories so many years later.

The Honor Flight Bluegrass is looking for WWII, Vietnam and Korean War Vets to join their mission to Washington D.C. They're also looking for Volunteers to join them. Today (3.16.17) and Tomorrow (3.17.18) The Honor Flight team will be at Kroger on North Hubbards lane (291 North Hubbards ln) to recruits Veterans and volunteers! If you're interested, click here to learn more. The amount of respect that is shown for these men and women is incredible and it's absolutely something that you need to see at least once in your lifetime.

Please, thank a Veteran today, and everyday. 


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