A 2-Year-Old Saw Something Spooky And The Internet Is Shook

Some people say that kids can see things that adults can't, like angels, ghosts and demons, and the Internet is believing it after watching a video now going viral.

The clip stars Maya, a happy two-year-old who loves peanut butter and Cookie Monster. Her dad, Ryan, started filming her because she was acting silly but at the end of the video, Maya's smile fades and she is clearly disturbed. She points and says, "Daddy, spooky." 

Ryan told Buzzfeed that he and his wife don't use the word spooky but Maya's cousins do to describe something scary. As for whatever the girl was pointing at, Dalton explained it was in a dark room since the sun hadn't yet risen.

The Internet is shook:

Other people shared stories about their kids seeing things that will ensure you have nightmares tonight:

Since his story blew up, Dalton answered some of the common questions people had:

And if you're wondering, Maya does eat the bread too, she just licks the peanut butter off it first. 

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